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How do fans show their support for a team

Loving one sport and being a part of a team does not always mean the full joy one can get out of it. It is the supporting part and the feelings that come when being a fan that drive people to a certain sport. So the first thing you will need to do is to choose one team for you to be a fan of, make it a good one or one that you are really connected with. It is actually a much deeper and partially unexplainable thing that decides whether you will root for Ipswick Town or Manchester United. See what your friends, your family or your neighbor do, ask them what is the reason they enjoy supporting the team they do. This is the best way to determine what you want to do.

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From there on it is only dedication that matters

No one likes the people who constantly change their allegiance, so make sure to never do it unless there is a deep reason and the team actually does something bad that you cannot identify with anymore. Being a hardcore fan is also not that great, because there are plenty more things one can do in a lifetime than only and mainly rooting for something. Showing support means taking travels for the team games, becoming a part of the supporters club and defending your team on a civilized way.


One can meet many haters along the way, but also a few incredible and beautiful ladies that find the whole thing amazing and masculine. But pride is not something you are doing it because it is just a thing that you share with your team, other fans and also those who hate you all. The feeling of excitement that you get when your team wins is something that totally overshadows everything else, all the losses, struggles and problems that must come along the way.

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